Tuesday, 28 August 2012


This is it! I'm so excited to be branching off and launching a new blog that is geared specifically to supporting fun, unique and fantastic local businesses. This has become such a passion for my husband and I over the past short while, as we have discovered so many wonderful small businesses that are in our area. Many can be found at Farmers Markets, some have store fronts, others are home based. Which ever it is makes no difference, as they are still local no matter location and we, as consumers, should support our local businesses and help them thrive.

Too easily are these small businesses over-shadowed by the large companies selling cheap items for cheap prices. However, that is just what they are….cheap. You pay for quality and that's what I'm hoping to share with you. Local businesses that give you the best quality in whatever their craft, be it food, art, or everyday life products. I want to promote and support those who encourage a healthier, greener lifestyle.

Of course, I'll also be sharing some yummy recipes here and there, because let's admit it, what's a blog without good food.

In addition, you can also find info on what I'm looking for if you own a small business and would like to be featured, and also info on past businesses I've featured (web sites and contact info). This is a daring venture, and one I would like to continue to pursue for years to come. There are a plethora of small businesses just waiting to be discovered and explored and I want to help shine the light on them. Let's do this together!

As this is a topic specific blog, if supporting local and going green is something that you're also passionate about and/or interested in finding out more about fantastic local businesses near you, please subscribe to my blog and also follow me! Then you can get all the newest, updated information as soon as it's posted.

And last but not least, let's get out there and support these businesses and help sustain our own, while feeling good about it too. And keep an eye out for promos and free give-aways as they are sure to appear within my posts :) You won't want to miss those!

You'll notice that the first few blogs after this one are a repeat from my other blog www.scribeofbeauty.blogspot.ca This is to ensure I get my initial vision and first few featured businesses on here :)

I hope you'll follow me and come along on this journey and maybe make some new friends along the way! Always feel free to comment, whether you've tried the products I'm featuring, what you like, your thoughts on the feature etc. The more I hear from you, my readers, the better we all are! Thanks for tuning in!

Happy Reading!

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