Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday Feature: Aisycakes

I'm almost positive I was meant to inhabit an exotically, hot climate. I think my parents must have missed the memo when they had me. Don't get me wrong, I love my Country and all it's beauty. In fact, I even think snow is absolutely beautiful. It's the cold that comes with it that I have an issue with. I am habitually cold. It makes no difference what season we are in, I will inevitably have cold feet and cold hands. I absolutely dislike that chilled feeling. My joy is to bask in the glory of the hot, hot sun, whilst hearing waves crash onto shore, with the fresh tingle of salt in the air. Yes, I'm sure I was meant to live in Hawaii.

Along with the cold of the "Great White North", however, are the pleasures of hot tubs and baths. They basically go hand-in-hand. There's nothing that will chase a chill away faster, then soaking in a tub of hot water, surrounded by candles, rainforest noises, a good book, and the heavenly scent of delightful bath salts or essential oils. I mean, you could have a bath without anything in it, but really, what would be the point of a bath then? To have a soak without the healing properties of essential oils, salts and the like, in my mind, would be the same as sitting in a puddle of debris filled water on the side of the street, or in the middle of the field for you country folk. It's ridiculous and pointless and basically, utter nonsense. Ok, perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get my point.

"But, isn't the point of a bath to warm up?" you may say. If you're going to warm up, it may as well be calming, relaxing and enjoyable as well! Admit it, those of you who have had a bath with just hot water, well, frankly, it sucks.

But today's feature, Aisycakes, is here to make sure you have the best bath (and shower) experience possible! I'm not even kidding you. I've used a lot of different bath products over the years, but never have I emerged from a bath with such soft, moisturized skin as when I used Aisycakes. A lot of in store products are sure to be filled with, well, fillers. Unnatural fragrances and additives that can cause people's sensitive skin to react poorly. Not so with Aisycakes. It's 100% natural, no artificial "perfumes and/or fragrance", only fresh and pure essential oils. Not only that, I was quite entertained by the dancing and swirling piece of cake in my bath. Yes, I'm easily amused. :)

Creator, owner and "cake" maker of Aisycakes, is Aislinn Grant. She's a fun, outgoing, energetic woman with a love of all things natural. Aislinn is currently a student at Mount Royal University, in Calgary, studying Health Sciences. She is aspiring to become a Naturopath, while remaining an entrepreneur as she goes. Not only does Aislinn make incredible bath bombs and shower tarts, but she designs them to look like big slices of cake! They honestly look good enough to eat (but I don't recommend doing that). I met Aislinn, and was first introduced to her amazing products, at the Millarville Farmers Market this past summer and am enjoying using an array of Aisycake goodies.

Where does one come up with the idea of edible looking bath products as a business? Aislinn recalls, "I have been interested in business from a very young age. I started my first business in high school, selling tote bags with a logo that I designed and silk-screened myself. After going to school at UofC for business, I decided I wanted to do some exploring, so I worked as a musician for a few years while I worked at Lush Cosmetics. I learned many valuable lessons at Lush, including management."

"I grew to love the industry and all that the natural cosmetics industry has to offer, but soon I was in Australia traveling about. I ended up getting a kickass job at Perfect Potion - a 100% organic and natural aromatherapy business. I managed their store and I just LOVED every day of work! Sadly, I had to come home at some point, and when I came back, I knew that it was time to start my own venture. I wanted to start something fresh and unique, and to put my business skills to use! I also wanted to make a product that was totally natural, but was still fun."

"I have always loved making my own deodorant and my own skincare, but when I decided to make my own bath bombs, the measuring cup I was using to mold them, happened to be in the shape of a tiered cake, and Aisycakes was born!"

Aisycakes' cake slice bath bombs are wonderfully decadent. The perfect accompaniment to any relaxing, calming, healing, soothing, and warming bath. "I loved the concept of having "icing" on my bombs, because I have never found bath bombs moisturizing enough! So I started experimenting with bath melt recipes, and I finally found the perfect one! Now most of the Aisycakes have my bath melt recipe drizzled on top, so they are extremely moisturizing!" Of this, I can testify.

Aisycakes' shower tarts are nothing short of fantastic and are placed on the floor of the shower, to allow for a beautifully fragrant shower experience. Aisycakes has a decongestant tart, which my hubby used when he was feeling a bit stuffed up. It worked wonderfully for him, and the essential oils, mixed with the shower steam, helped clear him up. You can also use this shower tart in a bowl with a towel over your head to help relieve stuffiness as well. It's brilliant, to say the least.

Aisycakes also has a body fizz that is truly delightful! My husband absolutely loves the one we have (lemon and cypress) as it smells just as it's named, very lemongrassy (which is Hayden's favourite scent) but also woodsy. The body fizz starts to "fizzle" when it comes in contact with water and also works as a body scrub, all the while working essential oils deep into the skin to moisturize and enrich it. Again, I step from the shower with skin feeling oh so soft! There are a few different fragrances to choose from, including "Cookie Dough". Um, yes please! I kid you not, it smells like cookie dough!

"I truly believe that one should be able to stand behind their product proudly and I plan to maintain a steady pace with Aisycakes, so as not to sacrifice my companies' integrity. Many friends and family members have helped me start this business and with so much positive feedback from customers and onlookers, it looks like Aisycakes will have firm ground to stand on this coming year." I for one, couldn't be happier with that prospect. I just might need to go take an Aisycake bath right now!

For more information on Aisycakes and Aisycakes products, please go to their online store at
You can also follow Aislinn's doings and news of products, in her blog at

Please go to Aisycakes facebook page and "like" it here, to stay up-to-date on what Aisycakes is up to, learn of new draws and contests that you could win, and be in the "know" on all things Aisycakes!

If you have any further questions concerning Aisycakes or any of their products, you can also email Aislinn directly at or by phone at 1-403-466-5579.

For your special Growing Green incentive, when you make a purchase at Aisycakes online store, enter the PROMO CODE: GROWINGGREEN on any order over $30 and you will receive a free Decongestant Shower Tart (Aislinn's personal favourite: eucalyptus, lemon, red thyme, peppermint, & ginger. Perfect for this time of year for all the "sickies" :) ) "Use it in the shower as a steam treatment, or in a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head for really stuffed up nasal passages. Temporary relief from not being able to breath helps when trying to sleep!" - Aislinn

You still have a few days till Christmas, so it's not too late to pick up some Aisycakes for a loved one this holiday season!

As it's Christmas time, Growing Green is going on holidays! The next Monday Feature will be Monday, January 7th! Merry Christmas to you all, be safe, laugh abundantly, create memories, enjoy your loved ones, drink sensibly, travel safely, and I'll be here to bring you more amazing local businesses in the New Year! Here's to a fabulous 2012 and a bright beginning of 2013.

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