Saturday, 18 May 2013

Simple Calamari

I just love seafood. Pretty much any seafood really, although pass on the breading and deep frying for me :) In Medicine Hat, one rarely has the chance to enjoy fresh cuisine from below the waves, so when we can get away to somewhere that offers such fare, I jump at the chance. But, sometimes I do love to enjoy ocean delights from the comfort of my home. This can be daunting as seafood can be a tricky food to prepare properly. Squid is not an exception. If over-cooked it becomes rubbery and elastic-like. When done just right, however, it's a savoury delicacy in the mouth.

We were given a bag of raw squid rings (calamari) to cook up, and my husband and I thought, why not! Let's give it a go. We both enjoy calamari immensely and as most places serve it breaded, I haven't been able to tantalize the taste buds with any in a long time.

I did some research and discovered that squid is actually quite simple to prepare as it literally takes only seconds to cook. As we come into Summer, when one avoids turning on the oven at any expense, this is just the treat to prepare, to go along with your BBQ or fresh salad (or on top of your salad!).

If you love seafood as much as I do, I recommend trying this out! You'll be pleased with the results :D



1 bag raw, frozen, sustainable squid rings
Sea Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 1 Tbsp)
Favourite Flavoured Salt
Seasonings of Choice


- Thaw out your squid rings by placing them in the fridge overnight or leaving them in the sink for the day till your ready to prepare them.

- Fill a dutch oven pot (or the largest pot you have) with fresh water and add a generous portion of sea salt to it. You want the water to be salts. Bring the salty water to a boil.

- Using a small metal, mesh strainer, filled with thawed squid rings, flash cook the rings in the boiling water for about 45 seconds (Be sure all the rings are below the surface of the water).

- Toss into a separate bowl and cover while you flash cook the rest of the squid. We had to do 3-4 batches to cook it all in our strainer.

- Toss the cooked calamari with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sprinkle your favourite, flavoured salt on top and toss again to coat well.

- Dish up and sprinkle your favourite seasoning of choice on top. I used Epicures Herb and Garlic mix.

- Serve hot and enjoy!

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