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Monday Feature: Riverstone Studios

Winter in Alberta is a season where all moisture is sucked clean from every cell of the skin. Humidity is somewhere in the 0%. It's a season where young, supple hands look as though they just emerged from the crypt. Painful splits, itchy, blotchy, flaky...well, you get the point. It's very, very, very, very, very dry! I've tried my hand (pardon the pun) at all the best name brand creams out there. Truth is, they don't work very well at all. They make promises not easily kept. Don't get me wrong, my hands feel great, for about 3.692 seconds, and then I watch as my skin recedes back to it's prior state of reptilian.

Besides the painful splits, that occur all too occasionally, the dry hands aren't too much of a bother. They are easily covered up with mittens and are not usually the focal point for anyone (although, I'm sure that after this post, anyone I know will be unintentionally glancing down at my hands haha). The true annoyance is the dry facial skin. While being more delicate then anywhere else on the body, the skin on the face easily succumbs to redness and flakiness. Not fun and not something that can be covered up with make-up. In fact, I don't know about you, but I've discovered that dry facial skin is more obvious after make-up is applied. Thus the importance of a good, natural moisturizer that is safe for the face and quenches the dry, thirsty skin, as though I just stepped off an airplane in Hawaii, which I'd love to do right about now. ;)

I have found just the thing! It's the truth! I've only had this product for a week or so and it's become my new favourite facial moisturizer, made by today's featured business. If you are like me, and have scaly, winter skin, then read on, cause your life is about to be transformed! Well, your skin/body anyway. :)

I met Kelly and Audrey Taylor-Faye at the Fall into Christmas market in Medicine Hat, this past Fall. I was drawn to their Riverstone Studio's booth, with their array of natural products set out to entice all who meandered past.

The product that intrigued my husband and I the most, as we perused the booth, was Riverstone's tooth oil. This is to be used in place of toothpaste. We purchased a couple bottles and Hayden and I have used this tooth oil since that day and our teeth feel fantastic! One must get past not having a mouth full of sudsy, mint soap (as we have learned to associate with with cleaning process) but the cleaning and antibacterial properties of this amazing product is second to none.

My other most favourite product is the Silk Facial Moisturizer, which I was commenting on earlier. It really does feel like silk when applied to the skin and is made of natural beeswax and coconut oil. That's it! My skin feels so hydrated and heavenly after I've used a small amount on my face.

Ok, enough about the rantings and ravings of this amazing product (for now). Let's meet the brilliant family behind Riverstone Studios. Audrey and Kelly are the couple that many of us strive to be. Their desire for a lifestyle that is nature friendly, kind to the environment and self-sustaining is the exact lifestyle that Hayden and I desire and hope to achieve one day. I, for one, was very inspired after learning of their story.

"After loosing their best friend to cancer, Audrey and Kelly Taylor-Faye began a journey of re-evaluating what was important in their lives. "Give me a cardboard box on the side of the road with my family, and I would be the happiest man on earth" was Kelly's coined phrase. [Audrey and Kelly] embarked on a journey of leaving the city life for 8 acres of prairie wilderness. In the middle of an open prairie field, Kelly and Audrey began building their dream home - Post and Beam Straw Bale with reclaimed timbers, windows and doors, powered by the sun and the wind, watered by the sky. This large endeavour was and still is a journey five years in the making."

"During this time they struggled with existing health concerns, as well as new ones that began to creep into their family. One evening while Audrey was watching their two young children splash in the a tub full of bubbles, she happened to flip over and read the ingredient list on the back of the baby shampoo bottle. Not knowing what a majority of the ingredients were, she researched them to find that three of them were known carcinogens, another was a suspected carcinogen, and yet another was a formaldehyde release agent - the same chemical they were trying to avoid by building Straw Bale. This began the journey of creating homemade soaps and body care products."

"Through their journey, [Audrey and Kelly] found a majority of chemicals used in commercial body care products have never been tested for health concerns. Kelly states, "There is clear research shown that these chemicals are toxic - but only if you ingest them. There is also clear research that shows between 60 to 90 percent of what touches your skin is absorbed directly into your blood stream.""

I don't know about you, but this information definitely concerns me. Especially now that I have a little girl of my own that I care for and want the best for. Hayden and I have been on a path to a more natural lifestyle for quite a while now, but still, every time I hear or read information like this, I am reminded why we are striving to live the way we are. It makes me frustrated that large commercial companies can get away with adding such toxic ingredients to products, with little or no concern of possible health outcomes down the road. This is why we need to begin supporting the "little people" so to speak! Be informed and make healthy choices, not just with what you ingest, but with what you put on your body. But I digress…

"Fast forward five years, [Kelly and Audrey's] home based business thrives from their little, off-grid home on the prairies. Riverstone Studios - Eco-Body Care now makes and sells 42 health and body products. The raw ingredients are grown by themselves, sourced locally, or purchased from companies that have to meet their strict guidelines. Chemicals and pesticides are not an option in the growing or processing of their suppliers goods."

"Audrey puts it simply, "A shift is happening. More people are awakening to green washing and false advertising claims by commercial companies. More and more clients are looking for what we offer." Most notably, one of the newest and best sellers of Riverstone Studios is their Tooth Oil. Unlike traditional toothpaste, which scrubs away plaque, two drops of Riverstone Studio's Tooth Oil, applied to a tooth brush, kills the bacteria which causes plaque to form, freshens the breath, is non abrasive, promotes healthy gums, AND is actually healthy for you to swallow. It can even be used on babies for teething." And all my fellow new moms said "Hallelujah!"

"Every product [Audrey and Kelly] make are tested and used by themselves. If they don't use it - they don't sell it. Plain and simple. Every ingredient is known of its origin, every process is kept minimal. Every product is made as simple as possible. [Riverstone Studio's] products are packaged in glass and tin - not plastic and true to their heart, even the shipping materials they package with are recycled from their suppliers. Their slogan "Imagine - Natural body products actually made from nature" is more than just a saying."

"Although we've been offered several stores shelves to put our products out on, we've been extremely apprehensive. We want people to meet us and know who we are…and we want to know them. It's about openness and relationship. All of our products can be purchased through our web store at and we ship anywhere in Canada for $5. Call us, and you'll always talk to the one who made the products."

This is definitely fantastic product, of that, Hayden and I can attest. We just love it. I also have used Riverstone's laundry soap and it's great. By purchasing your body care from Riverstone Studios, not only are you supporting local, but you are making a conscious choice to take care of your body with only the best. Sure, you could buy a large bottle of body wash for $4 at Walmart, but you're paying for artificial, synthetic, and toxic ingredients, more harmful than helpful, all to give you a nice smell and suds.

Many peoples' main complaint about natural products or food is that it's more expensive. Like I've said before, quality always is. It's seems like this price difference is only an issue with these types of products. Most people don't think twice about paying for quality when it comes to something like, say, clothing. Think about it. You could buy a workout outfit at Walmart for $10 and it would last you maybe one season before the stitching started to unravel, it shrunk, stretched out, faded, or all of the above. However, if you head over to LuLu Lemon, you can easily pay close to $200 for one pair of pants and one tank top, however, it will last you for the rest of your life. So it should be, and more so, with our body care products and what we choose to eat. No, these products won't last you for the rest of your life, but they will last you much longer then artificial products, as you use less product for greater effectiveness. In the long run, it's actually more cost effective.

Besides having a website where you can purchase all of their product, Riverstone Studios is always on the road to different shows. Here are the upcoming shows:

Moose Jaw Lifestyle Expo - Moose Jaw, SK - Feb 22-24, 2013
Heal the Hat - Medicine Hat, AB - April 6-7, 2013
Body, Mind Soul Expo - Regina, SK - April 19-21, 2013
BAZAART - Regina, SK - June 15, 2013
Park Art - Moose Jaw, SK - July 22, 2013
Saskatoon Fringe Festival - Saskatoon, SK - August 1-10, 2013
Signatures Craft Show & Sale - Winnipeg, MB - Nov 21-24, 2013

This list is also on Riverstone Studios' website under "Find Us on the Road". It's always changing, so check back often to stay updated.

There are many ways to find Riverstone Studios' products, to order or to contact them for questions and/or further information etc.

Check out Riverstone Studios website at and purchase product right from their webstore at

You can also head over to Riverstone Studios Facebook page here and "like" them and stay up-to-date on products and info on this fabulous company.

Feel free to email Kelly and Audrey at or phone them at 1-306-683-9666

Riverstone Studios also has a blog that you can visit to learn more about them and the happenings as they occur :) Check it out at

Watch video's about Riverstone Studios and learn about their other facets (photography and pottery being two) on their Youtube site:

Riverstone Studios is giving Growing Green readers a special PROMO CODE to try out some of their great product! Simply enter the PROMO CODE: GREEN when checking out with your order and receive $5 off your purchase! This PROMO CODE expires May 31st, 2013

There is also a 2nd PROMO CODE that can also be used for all new clients ordering with Riverstone Studios. When checking out, enter the PROMO CODE: SUNSHINE and receive an additional 5% off your entire purchase. This promo code is always available for new clients of Riverstone Studios and has no expiry date.

I hope you take advantage of this deal and get yourself some great product and I promise you'll love it as much as I do, maybe even more!

Next week's feature hint: breakfast of champions

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