Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Parodical Blogger Returns!

It's amazing to me how fast time can fly. Truly I cannot believe I have not posted a thing since May, but to be fair, a LOT has happened between then and now. For a long while, I wasn't even venturing into further experimentation with food, recipes or the likes. To the blogger world, it would seem I simply fell off the face of the planet. But one is allowed to do so from time to time. :)

Let me catch you up on why I have been away…

First of all, May found itself to be an eventful month. I was venturing back into theatre after a long hiatus, and couldn't be more excited to audition for the upcoming Snow White and the Magnificent Seven Dwarfs Pantomime. The audition went well and I received the call that I had been given a roll. And not just any roll, but one of the main, leading rolls in the play. A character roll with much slapstick comedy required. How wonderful! I was most delighted for this new challenge. One short week later, however, I found out I, much to our excitement, was expecting our second Little Latte, due beginning of February. Thus, I would be 7 months pregnant when Snow White was scheduled to begin. This would make it virtually impossible for me to stay in the role I was given, because of the danger of all the physical comedy and being 7 months pregnant. However, my directors were so amazing, and still wanted me in the play, that they wrote in a whole new character, just for me. But more on that later.

Rehearsals weren't set to commence until September, so I figured I would have a lovely summer to walk, rest, enjoy time with Lalaith and Hayden and Then June came along, and with it a horrendous flood that devastated Southern Alberta. Our home was in the flood zone of Medicine Hat, and thus we were evacuated for an unknown period of time. All this while being in the throws of horrible morning sickness. We ended up living with some dear friends and their kids for two weeks, during which time I came down with a terrible cold, on top of the morning sickness. We were finally given the green light that we could go home, only to find that our air conditioning was broken and it was a simmering 93 degrees inside. It was at this time I nearly broke down and just needed to "go home". Thus, Hayden packed L and I up and drove us to Strathmore (he still had to work and couldn't come with us), where my mom picked us up and took us the rest of the way back to Sylvan Lake. Lalaith and I stayed there for two weeks where I was able to sleep and get over my cold, and morning sickness, and commenced in helping get my parent's new store ready for opening.

Hayden came and picked us up and brought us home after the two weeks, but after being back in the Hat for a mere 5 days, Lalaith and I returned to Sylvan for another two and a half weeks for the final touches before store opening, and for opening day. During that stint of time, Hayden's brother and sister-in-law, with their little girl, came for a visit to Calgary, and we met Hayden there and spent the weekend together at my in-laws place. The following weekend was the Carruthers Family Reunion, which hasn't happened in about 14 years, and it was an amazing weekend of laughter, reminiscing, playing and "being". I was so thankful to be feeling well and that Hayden finally got to meet many more members of my family, even though there were many still who weren't able to make it.

And just like that, summer was over in a whirlwind. L and I finally came home and real life began anew. I began to desire being a wife and a mom again and being in the kitchen once more, creating and trying out new recipes. I had a new fervour for cooking and baking. I craved routine and commonplace.

With an ever growing belly, movements beginning from our new little one, a new sense of establishment even though our basement was (and is still) torn up from some sewer back-up caused by the flood, Snow White rehearsals began, pre-natal check-up's commenced and life moved forward at an unprecedented rate. Hayden and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in September and I had planned a nice trip, just the two of us for the end of Oct to "get away from it all", which seemed so far away.

We also became the owners of a mini-van. Yes, we are one of "those" families now :D And I couldn't be more happy about it.

And now I find myself in the middle of October, submerged in rehearsals, researching and selling essential oils (more on that later), getting ready to have a whole week alone with my hubby next week, and feeling that, life is good, but I'm tired and need a break.

Thus, that has been my last few months, craziness ensuing, but normality returning. I find the older that I get, the more I have a need for a bit of routine and normality. I'm not 22 anymore :) and that's just fine by me.

Stay tuned for more delicious recipes to come and other information as well, to help you continue living green and healthy.

Hope you're as happy as I am that I'm back!
Till next time...


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