Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday Feature: Frosted "Because life is SWEET"

Monday has come again. I've sure started looking forward to Mondays, when I get to share with you another amazing local business. I hope you have as much fun reading about them as I do writing about them. 

Today I bring you a special treat, FROSTED "because life should be SWEET"! Located in Elkwater, Ab, Toni Quincey, creator and owner of Frosted, creates her whimsical, fun, bold, and absolutely DELICIOUS cakes and cupcakes! I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that these creations not only look amazing, they taste amazing too. Before I was gluten intolerant I'd had my fair share of these decadent desserts. They appeal to, and satisfy I might add, the sweet tooth in us all. 

For those of you in the Medicine Hat area, you may remember Frosted from the Medicine Hat Farmers Market last year. Toni had her regulars who would stop by just to say hi and always left with some sort of goodie in hand. One just couldn't resist! I was just recently pregnant at the time and would hang out with Toni at the market, with a pan of her homemade cinnamon buns (and not normal sized cinnamon buns….GINORMOUS cinnamon buns) sitting on my lap while I ate them, right out of the container. Oh they were a pregnant woman's dream come true! Buttery, soft, sweet, and absolutely perfect (excuse me while I clean the drool off my keyboard). You're missing out until you've tried one of those cinnamon buns. But I digress….

Ok, back to cakes and cupcakes. Toni is exceptional in the kitchen, working her craft. She effortlessly manoeuvres around her work space, chatting and laughing while she "whips up" her soft, fluffy cakes from scratch. Without missing a beat she juggles, what seems to be, a thousand different tasks all at the same time. Mixing her own fondant from scratch, mixing her own batters from scratch, mixing her own frostings from scratch, building, sculpting, covering, decorating, frosting, and next thing you know, voila! You have this marvellous masterpiece sitting in front of you! And Toni never seems to break a sweat. She's so relaxed and laid back and completely comfortable in her environment, that you immediately feel likewise while watching her bake and create. Maybe it's her Feng Shui, I don't know, but whatever it is, it's like watching magic happen. I never tire of watching Toni in the kitchen. Is that creepy?

How is Toni so good at what she does? Well, she grew up around cakes. Toni's mom was the local "cake lady" in the town where she grew up, and made everyones' Birthday and Wedding cakes. When Toni was old enough, her mom let her 'decorate' her first rabbit. Toni recalls that day, "I had globs of icing on everything, not pretty, but tasty. I guess you could say that it runs in my veins. Once I learnt about fondant, and all the fun you can have creating with it, I was hooked..." (and thank goodness for us).

"…my first cake was a 2 tier, fall pumpkin cake for a ladies retreat. I still remember how the ladies oooo'd and ahhh'd over it, though I didn't think it was as great as they could get on TV (Toni is very modest and humble). But the next day I made a Panda birthday cake, and it was so cute no one wanted to eat it!" But for Toni, it's not just the outside that has to look great and taste great, she loves to make the cake taste like heaven! Mmmm…if this is what heaven tastes like, sign me up!

Whatever flavor you want, Toni makes it from scratch so its just right. No box mixes, no preservatives, just pure ingredients.

Toni and a cupcake tower she designed and made

"Now it is just pure joy seeing people's faces when they see their cakes. The bright colors, and designs.  Once I finish one, I can't wait for the next one to start!" - Toni Quincey

For pricing on Frosted's cupcakes and cakes, please contact Toni directly.
Her phone # is 403-893-2236, or you can email Toni at
For your next big event, if you want something special, something original, something amazing, something delicious, and of course, something sweet, you know who to call. Frosted will take care of you!

Frosted is also giving you the chance to save on your next order! As a special only found on the Growing Green blog, for you and you alone my dear readers, be sure to give Toni the PROMOCODE: FROSTED and you will receive 10% off your order of cupcakes or cakes. Order soon as this special expires December 31, 2012.

You won't be disappointed!

Once in a while, we all must indulge….just a little. Everything in moderation :)

next weeks feature hint: For the love of paper

Till next time!

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