Thursday, 6 September 2012


This update has me just a wee bit giddy inside. Two things I love and enjoy are about to merge into one glorious experience. Honey = exquisite, Beer = delicious, Honey Beer = Exquisitely delicious! Use Sweet Pure Honey's honey and you have yourself the ultimate combination! And that is just what is in the process right now! No, I'm not pulling your leg. Beer lovers, be blissfully warned! Sweet Pure Honey has a beautiful Honey Strong Ale that is being prepared even as I type this. It's set to be available by the end of this month! Not only will it be available in select liquor stores around Medicine Hat and Alberta (Track Side Liquor Store being one! I'll keep you updated as to which other ones will carry it when I get word) but it will also be available on tap at select locations (Locals downtown Medicine Hat for one).

This new Honey Strong Ale, called Bee-Have, will get all our beer loving taste buds tingling. Even though I've had to cut back my beer consumption (not that I drank absurd amounts of beer by any means anyway) due to my gluten intolerance, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be trying out Bee-Have when it arrives! It doesn't help that we're within walking distance to Track Side. :) I'll let you know what I think of it once my mouth has had a visit by this rich ale.

I quote "A beer of harmony and collabeeration, the Bee-Have Honey Strong Ale illustrates the epic results of the combination the two best countries have to offer.. Brewed in site of the Bridger range and the Spanish peaks in Montana with "Sweet Pure Honey" from the fragrant prairie of Porcupine Plains Saskatchewan, this international effort is sure to please palates of all kinds."

Wow! Are you not intrigued? If I haven't tantalized you just yet or caused an immense amount of drool, here's a description of the incredible flavours Bee-Have has to offer.

"The malted barley used in this unique brew is complimented by the subtle spiciness of rye. Bittering and flvour hop additions help keep this brew extremely balanced. In addition, there is a mild sweetness, that dulls any overwhelming rye or hop flavour, derived from Sweet Pure Honey."
"These ingredients blend together to create a lighter bodied drinking experience for beer drinkers from all persuasions…"

Bee-Have will be available for purchase all year round (can I get a woop woop?) and will be sold in a 12 pack of 650mL Glass bottles (those are the BIG bottles :D) and have 5.6% Alc./Vol.

You can reserve your order by heading out to the Medicine Hat Farmers Market on Saturdays (9am-1pm) and writing down your info on Sweet Pure Honey's Bee-Have order form. I can guarantee it's going to sell fast. You won't want to miss out!

Beer Lovers Unite!

Till next time...

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