Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wednesday Feature: Matthew Keoni Photography

I don't know about you, but I'm having so much fun with this week's packed list of awesome photographers. It just goes to show you that no matter how much you may think you know someone, there's always more to learn and know, and I really enjoy that. It makes life far less boring and more of an adventure.

Today's featured photographer hails originally from the beautiful land down under, Australia. However, after residing and calling home places such as Sweden and good ol' Medicine Hat, Matthew Keoni now calls home sweet home, Edmonton, Alberta.

Matthew and his little friend, Danbo (see on the hood)

Why make the move up North, you may ask? To be close to his beautiful bride-to-be of course. What better reason could there be? Medicine Hat lost a fabulous photographer, and all around amazing guy, so Edmontonians, take heart and embrace with joy the very fact that you now have Matthew Keoni in your "backyard".

Matthew Keoni Photography captures life at it's fullest, using fun lighting, bold, crisp colors and weaves personality through every picture. One of my favourite types of shoots that Matthew does is "fabrication". This is where you take an inanimate object and through a picture, or series of pictures, give this object the appearance of life and personality. I personally enjoyed taking these types of photos when I was in art school.

Thus, enter Danbo (as seen in the above picture). Matthew has a whole collage of photos (I believe he took a photo a day for a year, if not longer) of Danbo and we all hope to see the compilation in the form of a book very soon. I, for one, would LOVE to own such a book. Danbo even hung out with my husband at his art show :)

Here's a few of Matthew's favourites from his Danbo collection. If you don't fall in love with Danbo and find yourself smiling at the life in these photos, as so many of us have, after perusing these few pictures, you must have a heart of ice or stone. I'm just stating the facts ;P Ok, I'm just joking. You don't have a heart of ice or stone, but seriously, enjoy these pictures :)

But of course, like most photographers, Matthew's journey to becoming the photographer he is today, started long before now. Matthew recalls, "My love for photography started back when I was 15. I remember playing around with my mum's little point and shoot camera. I would always be dragging my little sister out for photo walks and snapping photos of her. She has been my little personal model ever since. I studied a lot of Photography and Graphics Design in High School (In Sweden) and thats when I really fell in love with photography as an art. I loved spending hours in the darkroom, working on film.

I do love digital cameras, but there is something to be said about the roots of photography. I was very lucky to have learnt through using film."

* As a side note, for those of you 15ish years old and younger, we oldies had to buy our own film (expensive) and load our cameras and we had one chance to get that perfect shot. We then had to take our roll into a store somewhere and wait a few days to have it developed (expensive), to see if those pictures we took were actually anything special. None of this, snap 1000 pictures and you're sure to get one good one and having the instant gratification of seeing your pictures as you go and posting them online within seconds. Taking pictures was an endeavour that cost us something every time. It was a beautiful process. Not that I mind where technology has gone, mind you, as I too love the instant gratification, but it was different when we were younger, that's for sure.*

Ok, back to Matthew…"It wasn't until then, that I started saving up for my first DSLR. A Nikon D80 with a 50mm f. 18D…" (if you have no idea what any of that means, google will tell you :) ), "...that was my first "real" camera. I loved that camera, it definitely helped me learn a lot. Ever since then I have slowly been doing photography on weekends and whenever I can, because it was always the thing I enjoyed doing the most".

Now, in 2012, Matthew is working on growing his company, Matthew Keoni Photography. He is a full-time photographer and loving every minute of it. I'm sure you can tell from the plethora of amazing photos on here. :)

For a long time, photography was the only thing Matthew wanted to achieve. However, there were plenty of times that he had his doubts as to whether or not he would make it in the world of photography.

And then something happened…

"On February 21st, 2012, I got an email from Make-A-Wish Foundation in Vancouver. They were in the process of granting the wish of a 17 year old girl who wanted to be a photographer. The reason they contacted me was because when they asked her who she admired as a photographer, she said Matthew Keoni. I was so touched when I received that email. It wasn't until then that I realized how much bigger photography is."

"I couldn't believe that my work was someone's inspiration. I knew I had to make an effort and meet this girl."
A few months later Matthew found himself headed to Vancouver, where he spent an entire day with Kate and her boyfriend, walking around and taking photos together.

"This is when I found a whole new meaning to photography. This is when I fully fell in love with photography. Seeing how it can touch people and inspire people, it changed me. I want to be a great photographer, but I am no longer judging it based on income and how many clients I get. To me, it is now all about leaving people feeling loved and inspired. If I can put a smile on your face and give you a lasting memory of your wedding/graduation, whatever the occasion, then I consider myself successful.

To learn more about Matthew Keoni and see his portfolio, please visit his website at

Also check out Matthew's facebook page and "like" it here

For details concerning packages, pricing etc, please contact Matthew Keoni Photography directly by email at

Matthew specializes in Weddings and Grads. These are his main focus and what he loves most, so lovebirds and upcoming graduates, keep this in mind! 

Matthew can and will do most types of shoots, and he won't turn anyone away unless his schedule is already full (he's busy, so book early), however, he does not pursue or seek out other styles of shoots outside of weddings and grads on a regular basis, as they are not his "niche".

And now the Growing Green incentive for you!!! I don't know about you, but I just love these incentives!

Book a session with Matthew Keoni Photography before October 31st, 2012 and use the PROMO CODE: takeMYphoto and receive 10% off your session. The actual date of the shoot/wedding can be anytime (this year, next year, doesn't matter), you just need to book it before the expiry date.

Life is good: Capture the moment. Or better yet, let Matthew Keoni Photography do it for you

stay tuned for tomorrow's featured photographer: Jonathan Ritz Photography


  1. I don't "know" Matthew, but have obviously been exposed to his work as we have many mutual friends. It was fun to read his story! Enjoying your features!

    1. I, too, am really loving learning about all the back stories of these remarkable photographers. It's refreshing and encouraging for us who also have a dream, whatever that dream may be, to dare to pursue. I'm glad you're enjoying the features :) I hope that others are enjoying them as well.