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Monday Feature: Paper Heart

Due to my increasingly growing organization, (which in my life, without it I would soon be drowned in chaos) I prepared ahead, knowing I would be away at my parents house for a mini family reuion today. So instead of taking a couple hours away from everyone to write this blog today, I wrote it before I left! Hence the early post time :) Don't get used to it tho, for when back home again and life commences as normal once more, I'll have to continue writing the Monday Features around naps, feedtimes and diaper changes. :) But for today, Nice and early, I give you your Monday Feature!


Today's feature touches on the sentimental side of life. For those of you who are like me, you not only love giving and getting cards, but you save them for 30 years. I have a bag full of cards from my childhood, stashed away in my closet and from time to time, I love to pull them out and peruse the contents. Those that mean the most and bring back the fondest memories, and sometimes even a glistening of the eyes, are the ones that were either handmade for me, or the ones that people took time picking out for me, considering my personality, style and flare. Not to mention the beautiful words inside.

As awesome as it would be to make everyones cards for all occasions, putting personal touches on it, the reality is, most of us just don't have time. We opt out for generic, overtly wordy cards that cost a fortune. But there is hope! I bring you Paper Heart.

Owner and creator, Natalie Stodolka, takes pride and joy in these lovingly handmade cards and invitations. Not only does she have an immense love for paper, but she understands what we are looking for, and captures that very essence in her work. She can create something to fit your style, whatever style that may be. Natalie's favourite part of what she does? "I love creating new accents for cards and playing with new paper. I love that my cards are whimsical, antiquey, vintagy and rustic. I don't prefer modern, clean cuts, but can do them if asked". Thank goodness for those of us that love that modern flare. *sigh of relief* :)

Natalie found her love of paper at a young age. She would scrap book with her mom and loved it and stuck with it over the years. She fell in love with paper, patterns, textures and designs. She wanted to do something more with her craft, other than scrap booking, and thought it would be fun to do wedding invitations. The opportunity presented itself and she found herself working on her first order. It went very well and the couple loved their custom invitations. Natalie enjoyed it so much that she desires to help more bride and grooms out with one of the most important elements of their big day. For those of you planning some nuptials in the near future and desire something fun, unique, and fabulous for those ever important invites, look no further then Paper Heart.

After the initial custom work of the wedding invitations, Natalie decided that Paper Heart needed to expand. Thus she began creating cards. Because they are blank on the inside, they are perfect for every and any occasion. Yes, that means you must write your own Hallmark saying.

At the start of this new venture, Natalie found the cards took her a while to create. She could get about 10 done in a day. Now, she's got quite a system and can currently create about 10 cards in an hour! This is good news for those of us that may need a rush order of amazing cards for that special occasion that is bounding towards us with great speed.

For Natalie, Paper Heart is a creative outlet. She's passionate about a mere few things, and this is definitely one of them. Natalie is very much a homebody and she loves that with her small business, she can stay home, have people over and continue making cards whilst visiting. It's the most ideal setting and Natalie loves that. 

Paper Heart gladly does "made to order" custom cards. You can set out your colour scheme and style and let Natalie do the rest. She'll help bring your vision to life. If it's invitations you're after, along with your design, just add your worded details. Her combinations of font, colour and decor are beautifully and masterfully created as one of a kind, just for you. Paper Heart searches out the best deals on paper and materials and a lot of the decorations are homemade, so it is a very cost effective choice for that pending occasion.

Natalie would like Paper Heart to continue as a home based business, keeping it small and simple. But she's always open to new opportunities as they may arise. But mostly, she desires to "keep it local".

Pricing info for Paper Heart:
Handmade cards - $4 each
Handmade invitations - $3 each (base price. Cost will vary depending on style and content. For more info, contact Paper Heart directly)

You can find Paper Heart at the Medicine Hat Farmers Market on Saturdays, from 9am-1pm, until Oct 6th.

Please check out Paper Heart facebook page here and like it!
For orders, please send a message on facebook to Paper Heart or you can email or call.

Phone #: 403-488-0668

As a special to you, my readers, Paper Heart has a PROMO CODE just for you, found only here on Growing Green!
Simply give the code: Heart123 when you purchase individual cards from Paper Heart and you will be entitled to "buy one, get one 1/2 off"! This PROMO CODE expires March 10, 2013, so take advantage now!

                                                                                         Natalie and her husband Adam.

"I believe each card and invitation should be personal and a reflection of who you are."
- Natalie Stodolka, Paper Hearts

next week's feature hint: Hot, liquidy goodness

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