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Beauty Detox Part 1: Chapter 2, Segment I

It's been a while since I last posted the final segment of Chapter 1. I've have readers asking when I would be continuing and I apologize for the lapse in time. Life became a bit crazy since the last Beauty Detox post, and when life is crazy, getting to the computer can be a bit of a challenge. Plus, the Monday features are a priority to get posted before anything else :)

However, it is my hope that I will not keep you waiting longer with this next chapter. So let's dive in shall we?

Chapter 2: Beauty Energy

Medicines have limitations; the divine creative life force has none.
                                                           ~ Swami Sri Yukteswar

"Energy is a key factor in our ability to shed weight easily and permanently, achieve great health and look our most beautiful." Throughout the book, Kimberly refers to energy our bodies use, to do any of the things just mentioned, as Beauty Energy. Just to clarify. We get our energy from foods we eat, the air we breathe, and sunlight, and some of us, through a Spiritual means. "Energy fuels how efficiently our organs work, how efficiently we detox our bodies, and how efficiently our body is able to do the very basic things that contribute to beauty. Energy regenerates our liver and other tissue cells, flushes toxic waste from the body, helps maintain our ideal weight, keeps our skin's collagen smooth and our hair healthy, and keeps blood from stagnating into dark under-eye circles!"

"The more energy we have, the better we feel and the more beautiful we become"


Now some of you may be thinking "is this a vain book? Why such an emphasis on "beauty"." Kimberly is not talking about beauty in the way of flaunting our good looks or all becoming super models, she's talking about becoming the most beautiful you, inside and out, just as you were made to be. It's not for vanity's sake, it's for health's sake and feeling good in the skin you're in, becoming a more confident you, and being able to truly enjoy life to the fullest because you feel and look your absolute best. How many of us miss out on life events because we are tired, sick, diseased, over-weight, or lacking self-esteem? I, like Kimberly, want you to feel your best, look your best, and BE your best, so you are able and capable to enjoy each day as it comes, to the fullest.

Kimberly talks about one of the major functions our amazing bodies perform, that can suck up most of our energy (more even then going to the gym or doing anything physical): Digestion. "Some experts estimate that digestion takes as much as 50 to 80 percent of our total energy."

"Digestion is the key that can elevate our beauty to the highest levels, or, adversely, take us down, by sucking up precious energy that could be used for other processes."

Thus why we are going to do the Beauty Detox Solution. It's designed to help free up energy from digestion to help us in other areas of our body, such as weight loss.

The Real Cause of Aging

How does the world fight aging? Fillers or face-lifts, avoiding sunlight like it's the plague, lathering in sunscreen if sunlight exposure is inevitable, breaking the bank with expensive antiwrinkle creams, eating fatty fish or taking supplements to help plump or support the skin. Any of that sound familiar? How many of us have tried many, if not all, of these "remedies" to slow down aging. I too am guilty as charged with some of those! But these are all topical "fixes", none of which actually get to the root of aging. Most of us don't understand what actually causes aging.

Kimberly uses a fantastic analogy. We must think of ourselves as a wheel. "When we are children, the wheel rolls along quickly and easily, and without obstruction. We never had to obsess over what to eat, or how many calories or grams of carbs we were ingesting, yet we were always the right weight, had high energy, and slept perfectly. Over time, from years of exposure to less than perfect foods, pollution, preservatives, toxic additives, medications and many other things, waste begins to build up in our bodies. Internal waste is like sludge in the spokes of a wheel."

That's a great visual. A wheel, covered in caked on, hard mud with bits of gravel and grass. Or even worse, that horrible clay around Medicine Hat that is near impossible to get off and sticks to itself the more you walk or ride over it. It becomes near impossible to go anywhere or even move.

So it is with our bodies. We get "sludge" stuck in the "spokes of our wheel" which "prevents the wheel from rolling along powerfully and easily." As years go by, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain weight or have high energy, even if we're eating the same way we were five years earlier.

Issues that were never issues, become issues to us. Annoying issues such as acne and brittle nails, to life-threatening ones, such as various diseases.

"This sludge is what makes us old." We can do whatever else to battle aging with quick fixes such as creams, supplements, Botox etc, but we won't be able to truly fight aging "until we work to clean out the sludge."

Did you know the skin cells on our face are renewed every six to eight weeks? Most of the cells in our body are replaced each year. This is awesome news, because it means that even if we have had poor habits up till now, a lot of the effects of those bad habits are reversible "if we begin to adopt good habits and consistently build on them now." If you follow the Beauty Detox Solution, you will be giving your body "the best quality nutrition while simultaneously cleansing your cells on an ongoing basis." Your body will begin to absorb minerals and nutrients more efficiently and "your cells will become more purified and you will look younger."

This is truly fantastic news!

Stay tuned for segment II - A Clean Body is a Beautiful Body!

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