Friday, 19 October 2012

Beauty Detox Part 1: Chapter 2, Segment II

A Clean Body is a Beautiful Body

We want to aim for ultimate health, and with this comes our most beautiful self. "The natural healing pioneer Professor Arnold Ehret wrote, "Disease is an effort of the body to eliminate waste, mucus and toxemias, and this system assists Nature in the most perfect and natural way. Not the disease by the body is to be healed; it must be cleansed, freed from waste and foreign matter, from mucus and toxemias accumulated since childhood.""

Our body is always trying to maintain balance, but it must be cleansed first of toxic materials before this can happen, both new sludge and old sludge. "It all comes down to digestion and how much Beauty Energy we have."

What is it that we strive for? healthy looking nails, shiny hair, less wrinkles, clearer skin etc. The list goes on! Instead of making changes inside, we lather up with expensive shampoos, face creams and products that promise those results. Truly, our bodies can do these things on their own, but "keeping our skin wrinkle free and our hair shiny is of little concern to our bodies when our livers are overloaded with waste, our adrenals are exhausted and our intestines are all backed up!"

Kimberly continues, "The less energy the body has to spend on digesting, the more energy the body has to clean out the old toxic material and perform all those beautifying process. The toxic sludge amasses at a much faster pace when we are not digesting our food efficiently."

We have a long and winding intestinal tract, so there's an abundance of room that waste can be stored. Because our bodies are made of spongy tissues, that waste can absorb and permeate other tissues and organs. Not only is this an extremely repugnant thought, it can be dangerous to our health. Kimberly encourages us all to be aware of this and to cleanse.

So, about these toxins. "Where do these toxins come from? They are the preservatives and chemicals in our food, and also food particles that are not properly digested. The improperly digested foods become breeding grounds for "unfriendly" bacteria, yeasts and mold in our body, and the wastes they release are acidic and toxic." Yikes! Hence the need for whole, natural, organic foods and meats that are hormone and antibiotic free! Nothing processed or canned.

Kimberly hits it on the head when she says, "Most diets out there are focused on the number of calories or grams of carbs and protein to consume, yet they make no effort to deduce how efficiently - or not - our system can break down or use any given food."

Kimberly continues, "Calories and grams of carbs and proteins alone do not give a holistic picture of how healthy a food is within the human body, how nutrient dense it is or how much fiber is has. Nor do they give us any clues as to the amount of foreign chemicals, preservatives and additives that may be in that given food." Hence dieting seeming like a chore and struggle for so many, not mention how miserable it can make people. There is hope though, as you will see. I've lost 12 pounds since eating the Beauty Detox way alone, and it's been fantastic and not difficult at all. It's not a "diet", it's a lifestyle choice.

I love this next part from Kimberly, "We must respect how incredibly powerful our bodies are. Our body has the ability to heal itself, and it will achieve its highest potential if we clear the way for it to do so."

Remember, the build up of toxic waste has taken years to accumulate, so detoxifying cannot happen overnight. It needs to be gradual and take time, but most importantly, it needs to be continuous! If we detox to quickly, we can feel or become sick, which is never fun.

Stay tuned for the next segment: The Alkaline-Acid Principle

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