Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Feature: BigOak Baskets and Gifts

I've been most excited about writing on today's featured business, mainly because I was privileged to witness the humble beginnings of this unique business, BigOak Baskets and Gifts, and watch it grow from idea to dream to reality, and then jump to rising success! I was even blessed to be a part of her business launch, at which I won a most beautiful romantic date night gift basket that my husband and I enjoyed. BigOak has now been operating for just over one year and what an amazing year it's been for creator and owner, Christy Pick.

Christy is one of the most gifted, business-minded individuals I've honestly ever met. She has a way of visualizing where she wants to go with her business and how she's going to get there, making the plans and then taking action to see it all become reality. She's approachable, assertive, fun, super friendly, and so endearingly sweet. Christy's unique creations, in the form of the most creatively crafted baskets ever, are hard to resist. There is something for every personality and every occasion and each basket harnesses a specific theme, right down to the "basket" the goodies are resting in, whether it be for a wedding, anniversary (romantic date night), birthday, new job, retirement (golf anyone?) or even a pirate baby shower (yes, this last one was actually for my daughter's sweet, pirate baby shower, which was the coolest ever!).

Based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta, BigOak is sure to have something that you love, or rather, that you know someone else will love, because after all, that is the point of BigOak, to give someone else a thoughtful gift! With Christmas just around the corner, BigOak aims "to provide a unique gift giving experience, offering baskets that are as individual as the person you're surprising. [BigOak] offers a small selection of pre-designed baskets, but we specialize in custom designed gifts to fit your style or budget, allowing you to have a hand in the creation of the perfect gift…" Especially for that "hard to buy for" person in your life. And let's be completely honest here, we ALL have at least ONE person like that in our lives :D

Another unique aspect of BigOak, is that Christy, in turn, tries to purchase most of BigOak's products from local businesses and the local economy around Medicine Hat and Southern Alberta. Gotta love supporting local! :)

Like I had mentioned previously, BigOak just celebrated it's 1st birthday (Aug 28th), so this is a really new and thriving business. As Christy looks back she recalls, "I started the company because I love celebrating people and making them feel appreciated." This is so true of Christy. I, myself, have been on the receiving end of this side of Christy, and you do really feel appreciated and loved a thousand times over.

Christy continues… "I was looking for a new career path (I had been training and working in television and radio broadcasting for 10 years and decided the News Director life would not jive with a future-Mommy life, so we needed a new avenue to explore). My passion for giving gifts and excitement for meeting new people, eventually morphed into (what came very naturally) a home-based gift basket company that serves clients in Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta, as well as across Canada (and the U.S.)."

BigOak has cliental all over, including British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and most recently, California! There are a few pre-designed gifts on BigOak's website, but 90% of it's business is in creating custom designed baskets and gifts, based on clients' needs.

"I love being a home-based business, because it opens the doors to so many opportunites. I can tailor the business any way I want and change my product line very quickly. I am not restricted by what I have in-store and I have the freedom to go TO my clients and meet them out in the community, rather than making them come to me. 

One of my favourite parts of this business venture is getting out and meeting people and seeing them in their own environments. If I had to manage a store all day, I'd be missing out on a lot of that. 

I also get to place my products in several other stores around town (ie. Madhatter Roastery, Pamper My Senses Wellness Day Spa, etc) so the exposure for BigOak is much farther reaching than I could do on my own."

At present, BigOak is a part-time occupation for Christy, while she is establishing her company. Her goal is to eventually have BigOak running full-time from her home, but until then, she continues to work steadily at getting BigOak's name out there and making the best connections possible in order to provide the best service to each of her clients.

You may wonder where Christy came up with the name BigOak for her blossoming company (no pun intended ;) ). Christy explains, "The meaning behind BigOak: I chose the name because when I think of a big oak tree, I think of a very long, storied history. I imagine a massive tree with weathered bark and strong, sturdy limbs which have thousands of stories to tell about the people who have sat under its leaves for some shade, or the folks who have passed by along their journey of life. And that's how I look at the gifts we create. I imagine there's a story behind each and every basket or gift ordered. There's a special reason the recipient is getting the gift, so we aim to make each gift very personal and "just right" for them. Something useful for their every day life, as well as something indulgent. We hope every gift means something to the recipient that speaks much louder than a dollar value. We hope they feel valued as a person and loved by whomever purchased the gift."

 BigOak's exclusive line of beauty products

Please visit BigOak Baskets & Gifts website at for more information on custom baskets, to shop online, to purchase pre-designed baskets, to contact BigOak with any further questions you may have or to place an order.

You can also email BigOak directly at for further information
or phone BigOak at 403-866-0281

Check out BigOak's facebook page and "like" it here.

You can also follow BigOak on Twitter and get updates on BigOak news. 

And now for your Growing Green incentive! For you, my readers, BigOak is offering a special PROMO CODE: GROWGREEN which entitles the user to 10% off on a pre-designed basket or gift purchased online. In order to use this promo code, simply go to BigOak's website, and enter the code when you check out with your purchase. This promo code expires November 30th, 2012, so hurry and purchase your gift baskets today!

I hope you enjoy BigOak's products and baskets as much as my family has. There's nothing like a basket filled with fun goodies that you get to dig through and discover upon opening. I'm sure you will love it as much as we have.

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